Esprit - meaning 1. Lively, witty, vigor 2. Liveliness of Mind or Spirit. (from Latin: Spiritus, Spirit)
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Formed by Aleisha Gore in 2003, Esprit Films produces dynamic independent HDV productions for TV, the web, and for companies' internal use, including music videos, PSAs, webisodes, short films, industrials, personal reels and clips.

All aspects from Concept to Script to Screen

We can listen to a song and bring it to life with a music video.

We can take a Cause and develop a concept and PSA to get more people to support it.

We can shoot your independent low-budget webisodes, film teaser trailer, industrial training or informational video, short films or sketch comedies.

We can shoot and edit your acting reel.

In DV and HDV, we can produce an amazing project for you.